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Can’t thank you enough Tash, everyone commented on how beautiful my dress was and I had a few "most beautiful dress ever" and a few "best bridesmaid outfits ever" as well so job well done!! I’m so happy with how everything turned out and cant thank you and Kelly enough.
Gabrielle H.
Beautiful Tash, thank you so much for my amazing dress that was so perfect! You're amazing, everyone was commenting on my gown saying how beautiful and different it was xxx
Brittany M
Hi Tash! Almost 6 months now since our big day. Wanted to pop in and say a huge thanks for creating my beautiful dress! The whole experience was just wonderful, and it's such an adventure watching it evolve and having creative licence is so important as a bride. Thanks for your patience, humor and warm spirit which helped achieve the dress of my dreams. Much love.
Jessica D.